May apply to some other models too
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As I mentioned if something goes wrong with this type of washing machine I think there should come up on the LCD display a Diagnostic Error Number to pinpoint wherabouts the error has occured on the machine although, I cannot find any reference to this in the Instruction booklet. I will have to confirm with a Hotpoint Engineer if this WF840 has this facility of showing error numbers in the display when something goes wrong. In theory if a number comes up on the display the washing machine should immediately empty its water out of the drum and stop working. You give the number to the engineer and he can pinpoint exactly what component has failed in the machine or what the problem is. Good idea if it works correctly. 

I have found these codes for you if such an error code sould come up on your machine and I think it should correspond with the WF840 /WF860 /WF865 Washing machine range: 

For Further Information on Error Codes Visit:

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